5 Costly Mistakes You Can Avoid to Accelerate your Speaking Career

In the growing career of speaking forum, it was a pleasure to watch hundreds of aspiring speakers who designed their speaking careers in a great way. Some of them build their career rapidly with minimal efforts, whereas others have to strive hard and they lagged behind.

You might guess, it’s because of talent. But here the case is different. Anyone can become a World-Class Speaker, if they are really willing to. The only point which differentiate in the result is, ‘the way of approach’.

As per analysis, there are 5 Critical mistakes, which hold the aspiring speaker to build their career.

These mistakes cost their time, money and efforts

Mistake #1 — Not picking a topic.

Rising speakers generally don’t select the topic by own, they refer the organizer to select the topics which suits the event and script there speech around that topic. The problem is, event organizers want such type of speaker who are master in their own field, they are expert in one specific topic. They look for someone who is ready to go on the stage, instead of making them ready to go.

You might be concerned that you will get bored of speaking on one topic all the time, but don’t worry! Later on in your career, after you have developed a reputation as a great speaker, you will get the chance to branch out into different topics, but get specific at first.
Solution is – Pick a topic on which you are passionate to speak about. Try to list out 5 such type of topics. Then, prepare yourself in these topic and self analyze whether these topics appeal to you and refine them accordingly.

Mistake #2 — Not getting training.

To be proficient, everyone needs a training & coaching. And that’s not a big deal, there are hug Speaking workshop which an individual can go for, but the point is, the training methodology differs everywhere.

You just need to ensure, the person who is appointed as a trainer is having good years of speaking experience and who looks a like a knowledgeable speaker. There are lots of speaker’s trainers who are mediocre speaker, having limited experience. Just make a note – “If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best”

Great speaker trainers will offer low cost, half or full day workshops that will give you a great foundation to start building your speaking career on. Take advantage of these kinds of events to get to know the trainers before investing in their intensive multi-day workshops.

You have to look at your speaker training as an investment in yourself. When you are a professional speaker you are the product, the more you improve yourself the more your services will be worth.

Mistake #3 — Not Telling Stories.

Speakers try to lecture their audience, which bore them. They give a bundle of information to the audience, without knowing whether they are interested or not. But truly great speakers take the audience on a journey in their imagination. They make time seem to speed up and slow down simultaneously. They do that by telling stories.

Stories are a tact to get the human mind’s attention. They engage the senses, emotions and create an imagination for the audience. Stories have a power to maintain the interest and attention of the audience, which a Lecture might not do.

Great speaker trainers will offer low cost, half or full day workshops that will give you a great foundation to start building your speaking career on. Take advantage of these kinds of events to get to know the trainers before investing in their intensive multi-day workshops.

You might feel like you don’t have any stories to tell — it is general with everyone. But the solution is, anytime, anything which made you feel like a story, a chapter or a lesson, you learned something from it. You can use that to teach same lesson to your audience.

Mistake #4 — Not taking practice seriously enough.

Only dreaming will not help you to achieve your goal, many people just stop by only thinking to be speaker, they even hardly practice for it. It’s not the way to become anything, to get any position in life.

Speaking is an art, like painting, singing, dancing, it’s not based on a course or tutorial. It’s a skill that can be developed only by regular practicing, mistaking and rectifying.

To be an efficient or professional speaker, you have to practice it like a new performer, might be for free also. You have to speak in seminar, event or as a guest speaker, which will sharpen you speaking skills and confidence. Which will eventually, drive money for you.

The another reason you need to regular practice is, you never know who is the audience, what’s their taste and interest, how to sustain their attention on your appearance.

The more you speak and the better you get, the more opportunities you will have to speak. Eventually, your first paying gigs will come out of those audiences you pr

Mistake #5 — trying to go at it alone

To be an expert in your field, is very challenging and you might be alone to face them as most of the people will not be a part in your challenges. In such phase, you should be a member of some professional speaker’s community, Online communities, speakers’ mastermind groups, and high-level speaking clubs to stay connected with groups of fellow speakers that can support you and help you grow in your career as a speaker.

The life from aspiring to professional speaker is very challenging, but you should be passionate enough to have courage to face all the challenge and move on.

Take steps to avoid these common mistakes and set yourself apart from other speakers, set yourself up for a long and rewarding speaking career.

Blog extracted and edited from the article written By “Speakers Nation”

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